A Fresh look at Water in Channels


The behaviour of water in open channels of various cross-sections is examined. The associated dimensionless Streamforce and Specific Energy equations are plotted as curves for Civil Engineers to use.
Guidance in the solution of energy change, access and flow obstruction problems is given by means of examples together with hints on plotting additional curves.
All known hydraulic parameters can be calculated from the user's own data. Test figures, with results, reinforce understanding.
- Dr Bill Dickens

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About Dr Bill Dickens

The author has taught and studied hydraulics for many years and has a particular interest in dimensions and the dimensionless approach to problems. With an MSc in hydraulics at Imperial College London, his PhD dealt with the problem of in-line vibration of piles brought dramatically to light during the construction of an oil terminal on the Humber. Since retiring he has taken an interest in computer programming and offers these two examples in the hope that they will be of use to Civil Engineers.